We believe in flexibility, and know how complicated weddings can become, so we keep it simple.

You have two categories to pick from, a shoot category, and an edit category.

Pick one from the shoot category, and as many as you wish from the edit category. We also allow you to postpone choosing an edit for a full year after your wedding date (at the rates you booked at). So no pressure, no hidden fees, or unwanted edits.



Simple- 1 Cinematographer, 8 hours. $2000

Elegant- 2 Cinematographers, 8 hours. $2500

4K Upgrade- Future proof your wedding in full UHD 4k. $500


Highlight- 4-6 minute edit of your day. $1500

Full- 10-15 minute edit of your day $2000

Doc Edits- Ceremony/Reception Speeches in their long form. $500

Raw Footage- Everything WES shot in long form, unedited. $500

Keep it Simple Sexy.

1 Shooter for 6 hours. 1 60 Second Edit. $2000



All raw footage to be deleivered electronically via online link.