invasive strangers, complex contraptions and cheesy staged moments—are NOT what we are about.

Through our time in the wedding industry we have found that more studios are bringing more people, more equipment, and more lame kissing shots that we can handle. Your wedding is not a scripted movie, it should be about you, your quirks, your personality. We are here to simplify the wedding day (as far as your video concerns are).


KISS is our answer for simple, fun, and sexy video clips, that keeps your moment unique to you. Think of it like a vintage super 8 film, but better quality, with audio, and is easy to share. And the best part? Its affordable, ready to share immediately, and doesn’t involve any cheese.

Have a cooperate event? Product Launch? Birthday Party?

We do those too.

1 Cinematographer, 1 Camera, 1 Minute Edit